December 15, 2019

Questions Buyers Should Ask A Mortgage Lenders

There is a lot more to the mortgage process than getting a good rate. High costs in fees and poor service can come as very unhappy surprises. How to determine which lender is right for you? Here’s a list of suggested questions you might ask a lender: How large is your company, and how long has it been in business? Are you a licensed mortgage broker or loan officer in Texas? Is your … [Read more...]

How To Secure Home Financing The Smart Way!

Three elements are crucial to the purchase of a home—the down payment, closing costs, and qualifying for a mortgage. Here is a quick rundown of what you should know: Down payment Typically, conventional lenders will require a 20% down payment, although you may be able to find loans with down payments of as little as 5% (perhaps less in some cases). With down payments less than 20%, you likely … [Read more...]

How Much Does That Home Really Cost?

A $200,000 home costs more than a $185,000 home, right? Well, yes and no. Assuming the same type of financing for both homes, the $200,000 home does cost more initially. But many factors contribute to the overall long-term cost of a house. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to determine the true cost of purchasing a particular home: Does it have a pool or hot tub that requires … [Read more...]